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    1. Name, address and contact information of your business. Please include any social networking links for your business such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook page, or Google Plus. Also include a link to your BBB page if you have one.

    2. Company slogan/motto

    3. Owners/Reps

    4. Please provide us with a description of your company including how long it has been in business, the background and experience of the owner(s), etc.

    5. Services/products that you offer. Also, please include the features/benefits of choosing your company over your competitors.

    6. Please include a price list or any prices for specific products/services that you would like to see prominently displayed on your website.

    7. Please attach your company logo or a link to your company logo if you have one. If you don’t have a logo, draw or sketch a possible logo that you have in mind.

    8. Would you like your site visitors to call you, contact you via email, or both? Please include the contact telephone number and/or email address that you would like to use.

    9. List up to three websites that have designs that you would like your website to resemble. Or, simply list the colors that you would like to see in your website. If you have selected company colors for your logo or your business card which you would like to keep, provide the designer’s color codes i.e. PMS, Pantone, or hexadecimal formulas.

    10. If your client were to look for you using the Internet, what kinds of search terms would they typically use to find you? Please list 5 search terms. (For example, “red widgets”, “round widgets”, “widgets in Houston”, “cheap widgets”, etc.)

    11. How would you describe your company in one short and concise sentence?

    12. What type of coupon or incentive would you like to offer your website visitors to entice them to do business with you? (For example, a free consultation, discount coupon, gift certificate, free gift, etc.) Please include a coupon code if you would like to use one.

    13. Please list 5 customer testimonials for your business. Include at least a first name and a city for each testimonial.

    14. Do you have any photographs of your business, products you sell, or projects you completed that you can provide us?

    15. Do customers/clients come to your business location or do you drive to all of your customers’ homes or businesses? If your customers/clients come to your place of business, are there any special driving instructions that they need to know in order to reach your location?

    16. Add any additional information you would like to provide about your business or recommendations for the website.

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