Social Media Management

Every business, no matter the size, should integrate social media into their marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is quickly becoming the fastest, most cost-effective way to increase your brand recognition. With nearly two-thirds of the population using social media, it has become a necessary tool to ensure that your products and services are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind when they are making purchases.


Social media marketing offers repeated brand exposure that creates equity and value.

Strong equity and added value increases your company’s credibility and allows you to charge more for your products and services than companies that don’t have strong brand equity. For example, Pepsi can charge more for its product because it has more powerful brand equity than the generic store brand of cola.


Repeated brand exposure creates a perceived quality about the product or service that leads to consumer loyalty.

Making your brand visible on a customer’s personal social media feed will create a positive emotional connection to your products or services. People curate their social media feeds according to what matters to them most, and it is has been proven that consumers are loyal to brands with which they feel a personal connection.


We have a social media marketing plan for you!

So, you may be thinking that this sounds like a great marketing strategy but you’re not quite sure where you will get the content, how you will find the time to post consistently, and how you will maintain all of this…


Brown Bag Values has the solution! We have a social media marketing program that provides relevant, high quality content for various industries along with human interest content, which helps foster the consumers’ connection to your company. Your content will automatically post twice a day, 5 days a week to ensure your visibility and connection with your customers.


All you have to do is fill out our short questionnaire, submit your payment on our secure payment processing server, and we will handle the rest. It’s that simple!