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Summer is over and school is in. For kids and teens, this means no more 

daily trips to the swimming pool, no more playing the Wii for hours with 

friends, or hanging out at the mall. It’s time for homework, reading, and 

a lot of computer use. As the visual demands from these things increase, 

many children will complain of tired eyes, headaches, and even double 

vision. Some children may not complain, but suffer in silence, too afraid 

to ask questions regarding the blurry material on the board or on the 

computer monitor. This problem can lead to lower grades,          


reading problems, poor spelling and low self-esteem.
According to the American Optometric Associa-

tion (AOA), many experts believe that over 80% of 

what a child learns is through their eyes, yet 86% 

of children have never had an eye exam. If we 

want them to learn and succeed, it is important 

for our kids to see their best. Vision screening 

offered by the school nurse and pediatrician 

is important, but not adequate. A compre-

hensive eye exam is truly what is needed to 

preserve a child’s vision. The eye doctor will 

be able to determine if your child has near-

sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, color 

vision problems, or poor depth perception while 

checking the overall health of the eyes.

If your child is of preschool  

age, it is still a good idea to get their eyes examined. Many children may 

develop a lazy eye due to uncorrected refractive error or poor eye align-

ment. Your child may not be able to tell you they are having trouble with 

their eyes; you just have to make sure.
For teens, eye exams are crucial. A child’s vision changes frequently. 

Without healthy vision, students may suffer not only in the classroom, 

but also mentally, physically and emotionally. It is important for them  

to have every advantage this school year in the ever-increasingly com-

petitive world. Good vision for learning is important, but good vision for  

      sports and music are equally important. Teens tend to be very active  

      these days so they need to have the proper tools to succeed. A pair  

   of contact lenses may be all your teen needs to be a better student  

   and athlete. They will not have to worry about breaking their  

    glasses during a practice or game.

     So get your child’s eyes examined as the demands of school  

      have begun. This can be a year they and you will never forget!

School is In - Make sure they can see!

by Dr. Dipak R. Kalani

86% of children have 

never had an eye exam.

   Dr. Kalani, a Shadow Creek resident, is  

an Optometrist and owner of Vision Source 

Family Eye Care.  For more information on healthy 

eye exams or to schedule an appointment, call 

713-436-7544 or request an eye exam online at