ou’ve done it. You are officially retired.  


As a dear friend just wrote me about it,  


“I am now retired, which has very  

pleasant moments of having no time restraints,  

plus the reality of CHANGE that happens so 

rapidly.” There are many sayings that urge you 

to not dwell on those things that cannot be changed, but we all 

know that is easier said than done. Death can happen at anytime 

to anyone. Young or old. It is an inevitability that takes a certain 

amount of courage and depth to accept and even welcome... but 

you aren’t dead yet!
A Bucket List... Do you have one? Do you want one? Will seeing 

the Leaning Tower of Pisa before you pass on really going to 

bring you happiness? Not that you shouldn’t see it if you have 

the means, but, if you don’t, why obsess? It seems one of the 

most important things people leave off bucket lists is spending as 

much time as possible (or you 

can stand) with your family and 

friends. Especially friends. It 

does seem like you have all the 

time in the world some days, 

but we don’t. You don’t and they 

don’t. Time is also something 

that cannot be changed, but do 

make the most of it!

Now that you 

are no longer 

building a career, 

you can now put 

your family and 

friends at the top 

of your list. Time is now, indeed, 

short. It’s time to let go of past 

insults and angers and forge new, more fulfilling relationships 

with those you love. And it’s time to give a little to your com-

munity as well. Always wanted to garden, but for one reason or 

another are not able to? Volunteer at local community gardens or 

get together with like minded folk to start one. 
And please pass on your experiences and life in stories. If a Veteran, 

artist, musician, historian, scientist, etc. volunteer to speak to public 

school classes and local organizations. And for those who don’t 

want to leave their careers behind, 

completely there is a whole new 

world of learning and mentor-

ing online. Life is not done just 

because you have retired. Enjoy 

yourself. Enjoy time with few 

restraints now. And above all fill 

your days with the love of family 

and friends.


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