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When at first people start to dance they think of the obvious benefits 

of dance, which include increased fitness and a greater sense of 

wellbeing. However there are many other benefits, whether married  

or single, that will be realized by becoming a part of a dance class. 
The younger people coming to a dance studio are often couples 

planning a marriage and thinking about that First dance for their 

wedding. Many of them also want to be able to dance during the 

evening and decide to take some lessons in the most popular dances 

so that they can dance in the evening. This is a great chance for 

them to work together as a partnership and learn a skill they can 

use together for the rest of their lives, plus to make a date night 

opportunity even more special once the kids arrive.
For those 35-55 years, it is often a time when couples rediscover each 

other. After years of being 

a chauffeur to the kids 

and spending long hours 

at their place of work, 

they have reached a point 

in their lives when they 

have financial security 

and the kids have left the 

nest. They have time for 

each other at last and 

want some way to channel 

that into a hobby they 

can do together. And rediscover 

the person they fell in love with 

many years ago.
Those 55 plus, too, are looking 

to build on existing relationships 

and/or develop new friends. Dance is great for making new friends 

because as the song says ‘it takes two to Tango’. Also in a recent 

report by the New England medical journal it shows clearly that 

dance is of great benefit in fighting dementia and keeping the mind 

and body fit and active.
The overall benefits for all these age groups, whether married or 

single, is  something we all crave, increased self-esteem, confidence 

and just plain happiness. Dancing makes people happy and certainly 

is a great stress reliever. Many people coming in for classes are on 

the way home from their offices, and stop in just to unstress and lose 

themselves in the movement of dance.
Try it just once and you will see how all these benefits can make your 

life more interesting and better in so many ways. 

The Benefits of Dance

by Olga Elsbury


Olga Elsbury, a former International Dance Champion  

and Judge, owns and runs the Fred Astaire Studios in 

Clearlake and Pearland, along with a team of highly  

qualified instructors. For more information about dance,  

or to schedule a free dance lesson, call 713-436-5517.