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nside each of us is the potential to change the world.”  


A guiding principle of the National Inventors Hall of  


Fame located on the campus of the United States  

Patent and Trademark Office 

in Alexandria, VA. The Hall of 

Fame was founded in 1973 by 

the National Council of Patent 

Law Associations and the 

USPTO to celebrate the world’s 

greatest inventors.
Each year, the National Inventors Hall of Fame honors new 

Inductees with events culminating in an annual Induction 

Ceremony at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

This year the ceremony will take place on May 21, 2014, 

where they will 

be inducting 15 

inventors whose 

influences have 

spanned over 

a century or 

Included are 

George Antheil  

and Hedy 

Lamarr who, 



together, invented the frequency hopping communications 

technique many devices, including our smart phones, use 

today. Anyone can nominate an inventor through the Hall of 

Fame website as long as the 

nominee holds a U.S. patent for 

an invention that contributed 

to the progress of science and 

the useful arts.
Construction is wrapping up 

on a physical space set to open  

in May in conjunction with this year’s induction ceremony. A 

space built for visitors to investigate the past, celebrate the present 

and imagine the future while discovering inventors who have 

made immeasurable contributions to our society. More than 500 

Inductees will be represented, with interactive kiosks allowing 

visitors to explore the Hall’s unrivaled archives in depth.
The National Inventors Hall of Fame will soon have their 

complete archives available online, as well, allowing visitor to 

research any Inductee and uncover the unique stories to inspire 

the inventive spirit inside all of us.

National Inventors Hall of Fame, we salute you!

The Hall of Fame will soon have their complete archives available online, 

allowing visitors to research any Inductee and uncover the unique stories 

to inspire the inventive spirit inside all of us at




Through curiosity and dedication, each Inductee 

of the National Inventors Hall of Fame has  

advanced our society and shaped our future.