Finally! The time of year to get outside, brush off the winter  


blues, and get your mojo back. Outdoor sports are calling our  


name... but, let’s not spend the majority of our time watching 

them on TV. Throwing the ball around is a time honored tradition, but 

it’s not just a fun activity for kids. When was the last time you threw or 

caught a ball? It is also a great time to throw  

a few hotdogs on the grill as well.
Take a family walk around the neighborhood, 

or through that park you saw when you took  

a “short cut” to work. Why not visit all the 

parks in your neighborhood? Grab an “old fashioned” map or your 

“new fashion” smart phone and start exploring. Why not try a modern 

treasure hunt, and go geocashing?

Don’t worry about fixing that 

mower just yet... not when the  

bicycles could use some tender  

loving care. Why not bike with 

your child to school, to the 

park or to the library? Check 

out a book about clouds, and 

do a scavenger hunt for the 

different types of clouds you 

see during short or long bike 

trips. Bird formations count, 

of course!

Sure, it’s going to rain, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. 

Walk in the rain. The sound is soothing, musical and centering. Watch 

the way the drops fall and form into streams and puddles. Ever jumped 

in a puddle? Perhaps it is time you tried it. A little mud is good for the 

complexion we hear. And don’t forget to savor the fresh air and scents 

during and after. The world seems cleaner 

and new. Don’t forget to look for rainbows!
A friendly competition in the form of a 

contest to spot the first flower/s of Spring is 

always in order.  A little education on why  

the flowers shouldn’t be picked may be in order as well. Better yet, 

plant some bee and butterfly friendly flowers in your yard. If you don’t 

have a yard, a simple flower box in the window or a few flower pots on 

your patio/balcony is an easy and beautiful thing to do.
Oh, yes, it is going to blow, too. Remember kites! Remember how fun 

running along an open stretch with your kite high in the air felt? And 

there is nothing quite like getting a child their first kite and flying it 

with them. Hey, if you are feeling adventurous, build your own kite  

and check to see if there are any kite flying contests/shows in the area. 
Outdoor activities can help get you involved locally, too. Plant or help 

out at a community garden. Organize a group to pick up area parks  

and playgrounds. Even if all you do is open your windows, get your 

couch cushions into the sun for a bit, and sit outside for even a few 

minutes, you will reap the benefits.




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Try something new this year like 

Cloud Formation Scavenger Hunt 

or Geocashing.