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recent PEW Research study, supported by released  


Census data, has found that households with single  


fathers are the fastest growing family unit in 

America (data from 1960 to 2011). In the ten 

years from 2000 to 2010, the traditional two 

parent household went up 6% with households 

headed by single mothers increased by 25%, 

but single father headed households greatly 

outpaced both at a whopping 62% in that ten 

year span.
2.6 Million households (2011), about 1 in 45, 

are headed by a single father. This rise has 

greatly helped reduce the stigma of fathers  

not wanting to take care of their kids. Society 

and courts are both more and more accepting 

of single fathers. Sometimes the best place for 

children, is with their dad. 
All research suggests these numbers will continue to 

grow greatly in the years to come. Just between 2010 and 

2011, there was an increase in single fathers by 400,000 

households. It is quite probable the numbers may have 

increased to as high as 5 Million by the end of 2015 (about 

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1 in 34 households). Data shows the largest increases in 

single father households have been in Southern and  

Midwestern states. 

Support for single fathers 

has not, however, grown 

to match the increasing 

numbers. And single 

fathers are more apt to 

go it alone by not going 

after back child support 

or other owed support. 

Going it alone as the 

sole provider of your 

family is not an easy 

task for anyone.
So this Father’s Day we 

want to give a little extra 

shout out to the single fathers out there. May you get 

breakfast in bed and all the flowers, balloons, cards and 

wet kisses you can handle.

Single Fathers, Brown Bag Values salutes you!