hen you hit the jackpot husband wise, all you want 

to do is brag. But for those women whose significant  


others aren’t as ‘ideal’, they don’t want to hear it.  


And who can blame them?

But when it’s right and works,

it should be appreciated. We 

aren’t saying there is one 

type of perfect husband. 

It’s not about a universally 

perfect mate.
Having the perfect husband 

means you’ve found some-

one who you want to spend 

the rest of your life with. 

Someone you see yourself 

loving and cherishing forever 

(and he, you). That doesn’t 

mean he does dishes, changes 

diapers, or even takes the trash out (although that is a plus).
The perfect husband also doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You both 

have to care and try every day. You step out of your comfort 

zones and step up when your spouse needs you (and even when 

they don’t). With a ‘perfect’ husband, marriage IS easier. It’s still 

work, but it will be work you both enjoy doing. It becomes more 

than marriage... it’s companionship.
When two people come together accepting and loving of each 

other, there is no pressure to change. However, you’ll both 

strive to be better for the other. Especially 

when facing challenges new to you both, 

such as having children (something you both 

want) to sudden disability or major illness 

(things no one wants) to growing old (a 

challenge easier to face with a companion).
Lastly, we are not suggesting having the 

perfect husband means you’ll have a conflict 

free marriage. Disagreements, arguments, 

misunderstandings, anger, sadness, and so 

on won’t suddenly disappear from your life. 

They are a part of life. The advantage of hav-

ing the perfect husband for you is that you 

talk it out, compromise, commiserate, and 

console. You are there for each other through thick and thin, 

and want the best for each other, regardless of the hardship;

whether external or internal.
If you are lucky enough to have a perfect husband, appreciate 

that for the great thing it is... but don’t rub it in. ;)


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