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Summer is just around the corner! Families and kids will be spending 

a lot of time engaging in fun, outdoor activities in the months to come. 

Here is a continuation of some additional safety tips, to help keep your 

family safe this summer:
Water Safety

• Swim in areas overseen by lifeguards or designated by local authorities.

• Never let children swim alone; they should always have a swim buddy.

• If your child does not know how to swim or you go boating, always  

 wear a life jacket.

• When playing in the neighborhood, have your children check in  

 with family members or caretakers regularly.

• Encourage breaks to drink water and eat.

• Establish basic rules and enforce them.
Bicycle Safety

• Always wear a helmet and keep both hands on the handlebars.

• Do not ride your bike at night.

• Keep your eyes on the sidewalk or street.

• Make sure the bicycle is in good working condition with proper  

 brakes and tire pressure.

• Never multitask while riding your bike or carry a passenger.

• Be aware of cars and never assume a driver sees you.

• Ride with a friend/s.

• Obey all traffic laws and stay off busy streets.

Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion

• Take frequent breaks to drink water. Schedule them if needed.

• Drink before you get to the point that you feel thirsty.

• Don’t exercise during the hottest time of the day, generally 1-4pm.

• Wear loose fitting clothing, a hat and sunscreen.

• Rest often in cool, shaded areas whenever possible.

• Be sure the grill is placed in a non-hazardous location.

• Have a fire extinguisher handy.

• Keep children away from the grill and ever leave it unattended.

• Give your grill a regular check-up to clear out debris and make sure  

 ventilation and/or gas flow is not obstructed.

• Clean the grill before each use.

• Open fire pits should be closely monitored and guarded so they  

 cannot be accidentally stepped or fallen into.
Be safe and have a GREAT summer season!

Summer Safety Series Part 2

by Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MBA

Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MBA, is the founder and

CEO of Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, PLLC, in 

Pearland, and several other locations  in the state of 

Texas. For more information about Urgent Care call 

713-496-1331 or visit