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Every now and then, a client walks into my office and says: 

“All I want is a quick, peaceful and fair divorce, is that 

The answer is YES and here are five tips to help accomplish 

just that:
1.  Good intentions.
Decide from the very beginning that you will do everything 

in your power to make the process easy and peaceful. Talk 

to your partner about your intentions and how best you can 

work with him or her to minimize disruption and financial 

ruin. Your intentions will oftentimes dictate the tone of the 

2.  Don’t act out in anger.
Regardless of the reasons for the breakup, think about your 

actions before you do something you may regret. Don’t 

destroy personal or valuable property. Do not do anything 

spiteful. Don’t make decisions without fully understanding 

the implications.  
3.  Choose your lawyer carefully.
The ideal attorney helps you understand the process, solves 

problems creatively, and communicates and negotiates well.

4.  Cooperation.
If your partner has already moved out, make it easy to 

collect personal items (shoes, clothes, inherited items, sports 

memorabilia, etc.). It shows good will and will make the 

process easier. If you are the keeper of all financial records, 

allow your partner to get copies of what is needed.  Don’t 

force your spouse to go to court for everything they need. 
5.  Take care of yourself during the divorce.
Lean on your friends, get a massage, exercise. Find ways to 

reduce your stress and things will move along much better.

Peaceful Divorce? An Oxymoron? Maybe Not.

by Papa Dieye, Family & Personal Injury Lawyer

Papa Dieye has been handling family and personal  

injury cases in Houston, Pearland, and surrounding 

areas for nearly a decade. Since opening his firm, 

he has had the opportunity to work with incredible  

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