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Dentists have been telling their patients for years to limit 

their consumption of sugary foods and liquids to help 

prevent tooth decay. This advice is especially important now 

because of how our lifestyles have changed. We are more 

sedentary and our food has so much ‘hidden’ sugar which 

has resulted in our expanding waist-lines. What is even 

more alarming is that this has caused an unprecedented  

rise in Type2 Diabetes in our general population.

The foods considered 

good for healthy teeth 

and gums also help 

you keep your body 

and mind healthy: 
1. Fresh fruit rather 

than fruit juice.
2. Raw vegetables for 

best nutritional value, 

but cooked, too, are 

also nutritious and 


3. Tap water rather than unregulated bottled water.

Carbohydrates like cookies, crackers, candies, and sodas  

are all culprits in causing tooth decay and contribute the 

most to obesity. Avoid added (or adding) sugar whenever 

Parents are encouraged to develop sound eating habits in 

their children early which will help promote a lifetime of 

strong, healthy teeth and general well-being. 
There are growing scientific ties between having healthy 

teeth and gums, and having a healthy mind and body. 

Healthy teeth boost self esteem and may lower the risk of 

heart disease. And healthy gums help preserve short term 

and long term memory.
So remember what you do to your body effects your teeth 

and vice versa. Good daily nutrition along with a good oral 

hygiene regimen at home (with regular, biannual professional 

dental visits) go a long way to keep you and your family 

healthy for life.

Advice for Healthy Teeth is also Good for Your Body

by Dr. Afroz burges, DDS PA

Dr. Afroz Burges, DDS PA, has been in practice since 

1996 and earned a Fellowship from the Academy of 

General Dentistry. She holds a Doctorate of Dental  

Surgery and a Masters in Biotechnology from UT. She 

can be reached at her offices at 713-340-2889 or visit for more info.

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