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Texas, as a place where businesses can thrive, and we know 

that is largely due to the support of the residential community. 

Because of your unyielding support, many businesses in and 

around Pearland have experienced amazing growth as well 

as an opportunity to give back to this community. 
We would also like to thank our advertisers for their  

unyielding support and ongoing partnership with our  

magazine, and our print and digital services. We recognize 

the importance of choosing the right advertising to market 

your company, and we are grateful for your trust in us.  

We look forward to working with each of you in the future 

as your advertising needs continue to grow.
Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank God for 

his unmerited favor upon our company and this community 

as a whole. We are grateful for the continued growth and 

prosperity in the community, and we continue to look  

forward to serving the needs of Pearland

Pearland, Brown Bag Values salutes you!


even years ago, the Brown Bag Team envisioned a way  


to serve the Pearland community by helping to keep  


you informed about the various products and services 

available locally while simultaneously serving  business  

owners with low-cost, high-quality advertising.
That vision became a reality in 2008 when we launched our 

first issue of Brown Bag Values, a sleek, polished, advertising 

magazine that would be sure to draw in consumers and  

maximize the consumer base of the advertisers within.
In the last seven years, Brown Bag Values has grown  

exponentially because of the support of this community. 

We have expanded the magazine to include our exclusive 

Brown Bag Values Honors and Women Matters articles which 

celebrate humanity and the positive things happening in our 

community. We have also bolstered our content by providing 

community posts from local professionals. Beyond the  

magazine itself, Brown Bag Values has grown to provide a 

variety of print and digital graphic products outside of the 

magazine from business cards to websites.
We wish to thank the Pearland community at large for 

welcoming our publication into your homes and for  

patronizing our advertisers. Pearland has long been  

recognized by the Greater Houston Area, and the state of