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Camping is a wonderful way to create memories and 

strengthen bonds. It is also relatively inexpensive. If your 

family enjoys camping and plans on doing so in the near 

future, take a minute or two to plan and address these tips 

regarding health and safety in a camp scenario.
1.  Know Your Limits. Don’t expect to embark on a 10 mile 

hike your first go around and then sleep overnight on the 

ground. Ease in with a day trip to a State Park. If you love it, 

try a one night stay. If you’ll be camping with a large group, 

assess ages, health and potential activity levels of those 

in the party. Remember that everyone grows tired more 

quickly when outside in the heat.
2.  Location, location, location. Pick a camp ground that 

has natural beauty as well as amenities (shower/restroom 

facilities are not a must, but are a plus). Roughing it without 

a restroom puts you at risk for coming into contact with Poi-

son Ivy or Poison Oak. When scouting a campsite, chose one 

free of broken glass, trash and other debris. Also, be sure to 

avoid areas with animal droppings, berries and insect hives.
3.  Getting Lost. It is quite easy to lose your bearings when 

exploring unfamiliar territory. Carry a GPS and/or compass 

to help you get back to where you started. It’s not a bad idea 

to have everyone carry a whistle to help find lost party mem-

bers, and even a cell phone in case of an emergency. 
4.  Camping First-Aid. A MUST! A kit should include the 

following items:
Antiseptic, Bandages, Cold Packs, Splint, Burn Gel, Gloves, 

Tweezers, Topical Antibiotic Cream, and an Antihistamine 

(oral or cream)
In the case of an unforeseen event, remain calm and do your 

best to think logically. If you take the necessary precautions, 

you will undoubtedly having a fun and memorable camping 

trip with your family! Take time to stop and breathe in the 

beauty of nature! 

Camping Safety

by Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MbA

Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MBA, is the founder and 

CEO of Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, PLLC, in 

Pearland, and several other locations  in the state of 

Texas. For more information about Urgent Care call 

713-496-1331 or visit

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