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Whether you are a young couple starting to date, a married couple 

with young children, or a more mature couple whose kids have left 

home, finding time and a way of being romantic is often difficult for 

many people.
One of the best ways to make that special connection or reconnect 

with your partner is to learn to dance together. For couples who 

ballroom dance, it can mean a lot more than just moving in harmony 

to music. Ballroom dance improves a couple‚Äôs communication skills. 

On and off the dance floor it can promote open, responsive and 

supportive communication. It gives couples a new interest together 

and gives them a new project to work on and talk about. It becomes 

a new way to spend quality time together at lessons, at parties and 

events, and when practicing at home. As an added bonus, you spend 

time holding each other and moving together to music as a couple.
For wedding couples, ballroom dance can be a new activity to share 

that may relieve the stress of wedding planning. At the wedding, it 

introduces the couple to their family and friends in a loving, special 

way. Dancing gets better with time - this can be a hobby that a 

couple can share for the rest of their lives.
For married or committed couples, ballroom dance can reconnect 

a couple and reignite the spark of romance in their relationship. 

For many couples, the pressures of family and careers can put 

their relationship on the back burner. Ballroom dance can serve 

as a reminder to put more attention on each other and encourage 

spontaneity and romance.
Once they begin dancing, many couples feel the glamour of ballroom 

dance in their daily lives. The self-confidence gained when learning 

how to dance often brings a new awareness or interest in their body 

and appearance. And those watching will notice, too. 
Find time to bring the romance back into your life, find time to take 

your special partner dancing.

Bring the Romance Back!

by Olga Elsbury


Olga Elsbury, a former International Dance Champion  

and Judge, owns and runs the Fred Astaire Studios in 

Clearlake and Pearland, along with a team of highly  

qualified instructors. For more information about dance,  

or to schedule a free dance lesson, call 713-436-5517.