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he American worker is the backbone of our great country.  


Every road and building, most machines and products  


were conceived, designed and built by Americans. 

The absolute best illustration of 

hard working Americans is in 

your typical grocery store. From 

the seeds the farmers sow and reap, 

to the drivers who transport the 

produce to a soup or other product manufacturer to the stock 

persons who work overnight to put the products on the shelves, 

to the cashiers and baggers... just this industry dedicating to put-

ting food 

on our tables, employs so many hard 



From this core industry come  


designers and manufactures 

of the machines used in the 

farming or the processing of 

our meat, dairy and other 

foods. Let us not forget the 

workers who ensure electricity 

gets to those machines and plants  


as well as your home and business.  


What about the machanists and 



mechanics who build and maintain the trucks, trains and ships 

that transport our food, as well as those who build and maintain 

our vehicles so we can go to the store to pick it up?

The hospital workers and doctors 

who treat those injured in their 

jobs; the insurance providers who 

help keep farmers and others stay 

in business after a disaster; the art-

ists and media who make the signs, labels, coupons, ads, etc.; the 

cleaning staff and companies who keep our places of work and the 

businesses we patronize clean; the restauranteers, chefs and wait 

staff who take 

our food to 

another level... 

I could go on 

and on.
Regardless of what you do, hard work in the U.S. it is not gauged 

by the size of your muscles or your paycheck. Hard work is deter-

mined by filling jobs that need doing, doing those jobs well, and 

a dedication to improving who we are, what we do and the world 

around us. Just knowing what you do makes a difference and 

helps keep our nation strong is success for all. 

To every hard working American, we salute you!




Hard work is not gauged by the size of 

your muscles or paycheck, but determined 

simply by doing a job and doing it well.

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