ow does one prepare  


to leave the job market 


after almost 40 years? 

It’s not like you haven’t planned 

for retirement.  In fact you start 

to think about it when you 

turn fifty, when your workload 

changes, or there is a change in 

You are suddenly bombarded with reminders that retirement is just 

around the corner... AARP, Long Term Care, Senior Living informa-

tion, Life/Disability Insurance, etc. Your reaction to these reminders 

about retirement may span feeling fear or denial (not yet!), anxiety 

(what must I do?), curiosity (what will 

life be like?), even excitement, or, simply, 

When do you know it’s time to retire?  

There are a lot of factors that affect 

retirement decisions; physical and mental health, income, family mat-

ters, employer, just to name a few.  I know some people tend to associ-

ate retirement with a specific age, but that’s not really true anymore.  

More seniors are working longer than ever before.  It’s really about 

getting your budget and liabilities under control, and having a clear 

understanding of the resources 

available to create the desired 

and consistent retirement in-

come you need.
I know the time has come for me 

to retire because I don’t seem to 

have the energy or the enthusi-

asm for a lengthy employment 

continuation.  As I ponder the 

thought of retiring there are some issues one has to be concerned 

with which are mostly centered around finances.  For example, how 

much is needed in my 401K? Do I have enough? How much will 

health challenges cost as one age? Will I be able to leave a legacy for 

my children and grandchildren?  Should 

I keep or sell my home?
I’m still looking forward to retirement 

in spite of the perils of the unknown. I 

realize life can still consist of meaning-

ful relationships and meaningful activities no matter what stage of 

life you are in.  I don’t know what’s all in store, but I’m sure I will 

embrace it like I have met other challenges throughout the years and 

there have been many.

Article submitted by Pearland resident Janice Adams.


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