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Ok, so the worst part of buying or selling a home is moving. It’s amazing 

how much stuff one can amass over 

time. Multiply that stuff by each family 

member and yikes!  Packing all of your 

belongings, hauling boxes and furniture 

to your new place and then unpacking 

everything can be a time-consuming 

and grueling experience.  But, it doesn’t 

have to be. Take some of the pain out of 

the process with these helpful tips.
1.  Start early. As soon as you know 

you’re moving, start sorting through 

belongings and deciding what you re-

ally need to keep. Consider sorting your 

items into three piles:  keep, donate, 

and toss. Then, box up the items you’re 

keeping but won’t use until after you move. (i.e.  holiday decorations,  

hobbies, seasonal clothing, etc.)


2. Create a system. Devise a system that helps keep track of your stuff, 

and ensure that they make it to the correct room of the house.

 a. Use different colored markers to for use with different rooms and  

  mark on all surfaces of the boxes in large, clear letters:  Green for  

  kitchen, blue for bathrooms, etc

 b. Number the boxes, and create a list with the number of each box  

and its contents.
3. Pack a suitcase with the clothes and 

toiletries you’ll need for the first week 

after the move. That way, you don’t have 

to rush to unpack everything right away. 

Remember, it’s like eating an elephant. 

The best way is one bite at a time.
4. Set out two empty boxes to place 

items you want to donate or throw away 

after the move.  There’s always room 

for trimming even more fluff or “stuff.”  

Instead of cluttering up the new space, 

donate or toss after you’ve finished un-

packing.  This is your new start!

5. Remember to reward yourself.  Packing and unpacking is hard work!  

Take a break after you unpack a few boxes, and enjoy a snack of drink.

Tips to Make Moving a Breeze!

by Mia Romar, Realtor, RE/MAX Top Realty