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Women Matters

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hen it comes to the differences between men and  


women in business, I believe the ‘differences’ are  


emphasized too much. No two women do business  

the exact same way, same as two men. So why the need to 

focus study on the differences between the genders alone? 

Mostly because the studies often upset commonly held  

misconceptions. Like the common misconception that 

women are more emotional than men. However, when it  

comes to business, studies show the opposite to be true.
There are a lot of these differences between fact and perception,  

and the studies are all out there for anyone to research. As  

people should. Especially anyone in a position to hire or 

advance employees. And not because the studies give the 

reader an incite into the differences between men and 

women in business which can be used to influence the  

decision to hire or advance someone, BUT how the studies  

help change misconceptions in the person doing the 

This holds true for anyone in a position to provide business 

loans or investment in business as well. It’s not the gender 

that is important, but the business venture and the person’s 

drive to succeed. 
Both men and women in positions of power can fall victim 

to these common misconceptions of gender. They have been  

with us a VERY long time, after all.
For women who choose a career or business, the future  

gets brighter every year. Certainly there are industries that 

are still boy’s clubs, but things are changing even in those 

fields - predominately in the fields of Science, Technology, 

Engineering, Mechanics, and Sports. The changes are in 

early education where more girls are encouraged to excel in 

science, math and athletics, and advance into higher educa-

tion that focuses on STEM and athletics.
It is an exciting time to be a girl growing up today.