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Do you have burning, painful, red eyes?
If your answer was yes! You may be suffering from 

Dry Eye Disease. Dry Eye results when your eyes do 

not produce a sufficient amount of tears or when the 

eyes produce imbalanced tears. This results in blurred 

vision, red eyes, tired eyes and burning eyes. The tear 

film consist of three main layers;  the outermost oily 

layer, the middle watery layer and the inner mucus 

layer. Dry Eye Disease causes a change in any one or 

all three of those layers.
What are the causes of Dry Eye Disease?
• Age

• Contact lens use

• Post Lasik surgery

• Excessive computer use

• Diseases including Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Sjorgren’s disease,  

 Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.

• Prescription medications: some high blood pressure medications,  

 antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, sleeping pills and some  

 pain medications.
What are the symptoms of Dry Eye?
• Burning

• Itching

• Feeling of sand in the eyes

• Redness

• Fluctuating vision

• Painful/Sore eyes

How is Dry Eye Disease Diagnosed?
A comprehensive eye exam is needed to diagnose 

Dry Eye Disease.   During the exam, the eye 

doctor looks for dry spots on the cornea and the 

conjunctiva (white part of the eye). There are also 

different dyes that can be placed in the eye to 

evaluate the tear film.  
How is Dry Eye Disease Treated?
Treatment of Dry Eye Disease can vary from 

patient to patient. Mild dry eye is sometimes treated with artificial tears 

(over the counter lubricating eye drops). Moderate to severe dry eyes 

can be treated by plugging the puncta in the eyelids that drain excess 

tears and/or using a prescription medication called Restasis. Restasis

is the only prescription medication approved for dry eyes. It works by 

producing your own natural tears. Those burning eyes are telling you 

something, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to find the right 

treatment for you.

Dry Eye Disease

by Dr. Dipak R. Kalani


Dr. Kalani, a Shadow Creek resident is an optometrist

and owner of Vision Source Family Eye Care. For more

information on healthy eye exams or to schedule an 

appointment, call 713-436-7544 or visit: