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alter Jackson was a man who left you feeling blessed  


regardless of the situation. Earlier this past year,  


Walter was in the hospital due to complications 

from his diabetes. When I went to visit him, in the hope of 

cheering him up a bit, I came away feeling as though there 

wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. The exact same feeling I 

had hoped to relay to him during my visit.
“Don’t let the devil steal your joy!” he would say.  With Walter 

around, there was no chance of that happening. Heaven gained 

a truly good soul and left us all just a little bit less happy this 

year than last. But only just a little. There is no better way to 

honor the time Walter had on this earth, and his memory, then 

to experience and relish all the joy we can for as long as we can 

in this world.



Was there someone close to you who passed on this last year? 

That sense of loss can be all consuming sometimes. It is so much 

more than merely pain. The more a person meant to you, the 

more intense the loss, but also the longer that person will be 


At first it is all about the hole 

left by their absence, but soon 

you will find it filling up with 

memories. It will always be a 

burden to carry, but, as time 

goes on, you will find it to be 

more of a joy instead.

Those we have known and loved in this world are never truly 

gone. They live on in our hearts forever. They live on in the 

photographs we keep; in the stories we tell; and, in the banks of 

our memories.
There is no one or right way to grieve for those who have left us 

behind in this mortal plain. And there are no time constraints or 

limitations on grief. Strive, though, to remember what was good, 

great, humbling, admirable, and joyful about them.

As Walter would have said, “Don’t let the devil steal your Joy!”




Those we have known and loved in this world 

are never truly gone. They live on in our hearts 

forever. They live on in the photographs we keep; 

in the stories we tell; and, in the banks of our