he past few years have been huge for women. We have   

the most women ever serving in Congress and on the 

Supreme Court. More women are prominent CEOs

and University Presidents. January, 2013, women can now

serve in any capacity along side men in our military. 
We’ve also brought women out of the 

shadows of the past to be remembered 

for their achievements. Women like 

Roselind Franklin, an X-ray Crystal-

lographer, who was instrumental in the 

discovery of the structure of DNA. We 

are now fully aware of the incredible daring and bravery of 

Irena Sendler, and her compatriots, during WWII which saved 

the lives of 2,500 Jewish children.
Named for a Pushtun poet and warrior  

woman, Malala Yousafzai, at the age of 15, was 

named the 2nd most influential person in the 

world by Time Magazine in April, 2013.
American Journalist, Author, Speaker, and 

World Record long-distance swimmer, 

Diana Nyad made the headlines this last 

September as she became the first woman, 

at 64 years of age, to swim from Cuba to

Florida without a shark Cage.

These women, without a doubt, will be read about by future 

generations in history books. And many others too numerous 

to name, but who do you admire? When you think upon the 

last year, who influenced you? What women did you hear or 

watch who made history in your opinion? 

Ok, so maybe not technically historically

significant, yet significant to you?  

Of the women you come into contact

with every day, whether they be family, 

relatives, friends, coworkers, public figures, 

acquaitances, or complete strangers, who 

will you tell stories about to your children? Whose memory 

and achievements do you want to live on?

I will tell my children about their great grand-

mother who could ride with the best of the 

cowboys. Their grand Aunt who made such 

a positive difference in the lives of the young 

women of her state. I will tell them about their 

grandmother, who pushed her daughters to  

go to college, no matter what! Making them 

the first generation to ever do so. Sometimes 

family history is just as powerful as written.
Will the next woman to make the history 

books be someone you know? Will it be you?


Women of Achievement


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Women Matters

As we remember the women of history this 

March, who have paved the way for us all, 

let us also pay respects to the women of 

2013 who will be joining their ranks in the 

history books in the near future.