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So you’ve decided to sell your home and started with the obvious – visible 

defects, decluttering, staging, and the like. But what more can you do to 

enhance the perceived value of your home and minimize marketing time?
It is recommended buyers get a home inspection prior to purchasing a 

home whether it’s new construction or pre-existing. Good licensed home 

inspectors take defect photos for clarity,  

pay attention to detail, and provide timely,  

concise, and easy to read report; usually  

providing reports within 24 hours.
Conversely, sellers should also consider

getting a home inspection prior to putting 

their home on the market. It presents your 

home as well cared for and gives added 

peace of mind to buyers.

Weigh the Odds:


 Home inspection covers components of your home you may or may  

not know about in detail: Structural (roofing, foundation, ceilings, walls,  

 doors, windows, attic structure); Electrical System (service electric  

 panels, branch circuits); Appliances (range, microwave, exhaust vents,   

 door bells, garage door openers); Plumbing (water supply/pressure,  

 proper drainage/waste/vents, water heater); HVAC (Heating, Ventilation  

 and Air Conditioning);  and, Termite Inspection (usually extra fee here).

 You can make necessary repairs ahead of time and shop for better rates  

 without restrictions.

 Gives your buyer confidence the home has been well maintained  

 yielding maximum negotiating power. 

Keep receipts!

 You may discover a major deficiency, like termites, as was the case  

with one recent seller, and save yourself future expenses/liabilities.


 You are required to disclose this report to your buyers  

 as described in the Seller’s Disclosure Addendum.  

 If you choose to not fix at least the major fixes, you’ve  

 defeated the purpose of doing this inspection ahead of  

 time.  If you have a home warranty in place prior to  

 the inspection, some deficiencies may be covered and  

 you would only pay a small service fee for repairs.

 You don’t have money to fix the deficiencies. At least  

 you have shown due diligence in being proactive.  

 You might offer a buyer allowance or consider this in  

 final pricing.  

Sellers, be prepared for savvy buyers today. First impressions are

the best. Improve your competitive edge by having your home 

inspection done early.

Are Home Inspections Just For Buyers?

by Mia Romar, Realtor