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n this world of ever-changing technology and constantly- 


wired kids, Pearland Independent School District wants  


parents and students to be aware of the risks of social media.

While a great tool for learning and connecting,  

social media has also been linked to criminal  

behavior, cyberbullying and even suicides.
In late April, Pearland ISD will launch “Social Media . . .  

THINK!” initiative on its Facebook and Twitter pages, encour-

aging students to make wise choices with technology now to 

support their future dreams. The THINK acronym reminds 

students to consider whether something is true, helpful,  

important, necessary and kind before sharing it online. The 

district will post social media tips for students on Twitter and 

conversation starters for parents on Facebook. 

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In addition, parents are invited to the Social Media Parent 

Night May 14, 6-7:30 p.m. at the Education Support Center 

(1928 N. Main). During this Thursday evening event, licensed 

therapist Sasha Coles McLean will discuss social media influ-

ence on children and teens, and the Pearland Police Depart-

ment will illustrate the criminal pitfalls of social media.
Pearland ISD’s goal is to help parents have candid conversations 

about social media with their kids and encourage students to 

think about their social media use.
For more information about using 

social media wisely, visit Pearland 

ISD’s new Internet safety page at


 and friend/

follow Pearland ISD at www.face- and www.

by Kim Hocott 


Pearland ISD, we salute 


Thank you for noting and  

addressing this very serious topic 

concerning our young people.


Parents are Invited to Social Media Parent 

Night on May 14th from 6-7:30pm at the  

Education Support Center at 1928 N. Main  

in Pearland.