Scientists will tell you, in drawn out scientific terms, how  


the mind and body change when becoming a mother.  


The chemicals of your brain change. Your amygdala 

changes. Your hormones change. Then there are the changes  

to your body from your teeth to your rib cage to your skin.
Some women can get through motherhood with few obvious 

changes. Others are noticeably irreversibly changed. Books and 

blogs are written on these physical and emotional changes.
Once you are a mother you “get it”. Suddenly you see your own 

mother and father in a different way. You look at children in 

general in a whole new way. You’ll cringe as you remember 

being that person who always asked to be seated as far away 

from children as possible in a restaurant or on the plane. But 

after you become a mom, your perspective changes. Granted, 

it won’t suddenly make you completely empathetic with every 

seemingly over tolerant parent or screaming demanding child, 

but you’ll acknowledge being in the same league, if not on the 

same team.
You may not share the same parenting techniques or ideals, but 

you will share the same fears and regrets. You’ll start wondering 

when your child is a toddler if they will be bullied when they 

eventually go to school... or will they be the bully? How will  

you react if they break a bone? Get a concussion in sports?  

Will they play sports or be the dreaded ‘TV kid’? And what 

about ‘strangers’? Will they go to college!?
The what ifs, especially the ones you have no real control over, 

can drive a parent mad. Never before, except for maybe that one 

time you were submarined at work, will you be in a position 

where you will be more cognizant of all the things you really 

have no control over. The biggest challenge and change will be 

the herculean task of keeping the fears at bay and living in the 

moment as your child grows and learns. And not blaming your-

self for not seeing something coming when it inevitably does.

No matter how much your 

parents warned you, or your 

friends with kids told you, or 

the funny anecdotal stories 

online made you wonder, 

(you’ll say, “No one told me...” 

but, trust me, they did!

there is little that can prepare 

you for motherhood than 

motherhood itself.
Take time to wallow in the 

changes motherhood has brought you this Mother’s Day. Find 

the positives and let the negatives go, and have a HAPPY day!

The Changes of


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