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The weather is really warming up and the end of the school year is near.  

Children really love the summer months because it is the perfect  

opportunity to spend a lot of time outside!
Here are some precautions families should take to stay safe this spring 

and summer...
Sun Protection

• A little Vitamin D is a good thing, but too much sun exposure leads  

 to burns and higher cancer risk.

• Always wear sunscreen (applied 30 minutes prior to exposure).

• Wear protective clothing like hats, long sleeves and sunglasses.

• Avoid excessive exposure between peak hours of 10am–6pm.

• Stay in the shade whenever possible.
Insect Bites

• Consider having a pest control service treat your home and yard.

• Use insect repellent that is safe for children.

• Treat your pets with Veterinarian approved meds for fleas and ticks.

• If playing in wooded areas or tall grass, be sure to inspect all clothing,  

 skin and hair closely afterwards.

• To avoid bedbugs wash kids and their clothes immediately after playing  

 with other children. Put shoes, backpacks and other items that can take  

 heat and a tumble into the dryer on high heat for 25 minutes, or into  

 a black garbage sack and leave in direct sun for several hours.

Pedestrian Safety

• Walking is always  

 good exercise, but be  

 sure to be a safe. 

• Use sidewalks and crosswalks where available.

• Remember to look left/right/left before crossing the street.

• Small children should hold an adult’s hand while crossing the street.

• Try to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.
Plant Allergies

• Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Sumac can cause extremely itchy and  

 uncomfortable rashes from the oils found in these plants.

• Consider wearing protective clothing like long sleeved shirts, long  

 pants and tall socks. Especially in highly wooded areas.

• Become familiar on how to identify these plants, “Leaves of three,  

 let them be.” to avoid direct contact with suspected plants.

• Wash hands thoroughly afterward with soap and warm water.
Look for Part II of the Summer Safety Series in our next issue.

Summer Safety Series Part I

by Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MBA

Dr. Thomas Spurgat, MD, MBA, is the founder and 

CEO of Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, PLLC, in

Pearland, and several other locations  in the state of 

Texas. For more information about Urgent Care call

713-496-1331 or visit